What is Theatrical Academy?

Theatrical Academy is a Melbourne based performing arts school dedicated to musical theatre.

Theatrical Academy is part of Theatrical Incorporated, a not-for-profit musical theatre company. We don’t run dance classes to make a profit, we teach dance to encourage people to explore their creativity in a safe, supporting & fun environment.

We are not just another dance school with an end of year performance. Because we are part of Theatrical Inc our students are invited to perform in high quality productions. Theatrical Academy is often the first place Theatrical casting teams come when they are looking for musical theatre dancers.

People join our dance classes for fun, to meet new people, improve their physical and mental health, as a way to express their creativity and as an introduction to musical theatre.

Theatrical Academy is also a place for people to rediscover dancing. You don’t have to be 16 and have legs like Rhonda Burchmore to join our classes. We provide a place for mature, experienced dancers to refresh their skills.