Theatrical Academy’s Classical Ballet classes focus on placement, proper classical technique, rhythm and attention to musicality. Performers are trained to improve their instrument through proper barre placement. They are also taught how to move with a strong sense of dynamics. By understanding how to properly use muscles and apply proper placement. Students refine their technique and learn the subtleties that improve turns, placement and line.

Acro dance is a combination of classical dance styles with acrobatic elements, using strength and flexibility to perform acrobatics inspired movement. Our Acro Dance classes focus on balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.

If you want to express yourself through dance our Contemporary classes might be your answer. Heavily influenced by classical ballet, our free, artistic, creative classes will focus on floor work using soft, fluid movements to modern music.

Hip Hop
Our high energy hip hop classes are a fun, fast way to keep fit and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We will help you develop your balance, strength, isolation movements, travelling steps and choreography. Our hip hop dance classes don’t require any formal dance training or high degrees of flexibility. All you need are your runners and commitment to have a great time.

Our Jazz classes work on your strengthening and stretching techniques, turns, kicks and leaps. It’s a fun, dramatic style of dance that will have you leaping across the studio, doing fancy footwork and using your arms to frame your movement, to create an overall visual picture emphasising on strong technical and musical theatre training.

Musical Theatre Dance
Our Musical Theatre Dance classes will build on your foundation dance skills as you learn choreography from popular musical theatre shows. The class develops dancers performance skills as well as providing valuable insight, clear instruction and solid encouragement to those genuinely following their dreams to dance on stage. While our Musical Theater Dance classes are not auditions the material covered in these classes is designed to make you much more confident in auditions and really stand out (in a good way).

Tap dancing is a form of dance that uses your body as a percussive instrument, creating rhythmic patterns and timely beats to the music. Our tap classes will help you develop aerobic fitness, muscle control and consolidate your sense of rhythm in a high energy, fun environment.

Tap Intro Dancers will learn the fundamentals of Tap Dance through exercises, creative games and routines. These classes are fun filled to ensure dancers new to Tap will have a good experience that will lead them to enjoy dance, exercise and fitness.